Why Dukez Fashion Line?

Fashion in Ghana has over the past decade taken a transformational leap. At a point, many thought and felt that the reflection of the African culture and the African spirit was going almost extinct. People were preferring foreign styles and fabrics to the usual kaba and slit or any other thing that looked African. Suits were the main stay for men and already sewn frocks for women. It may had seemed at some points that kaba and slits were inferior as many would rather go western.
However, times changed surprisingly and today, everyone would want to have an African flair wherever, whenever, in their looks. They want to represent Africa so much. The love for African prints and clothing became widespread again. Thus, many young African entrepreneurs in fashion have chosen to tow the line of the masses and equally represent Africa in all their creative collections.
Similarly, Dukez Fashion Line was established based on these same perspectives of promoting Africa. To hinge to a more specific drive, the fashion house was inspired by one of Africa’s biggest youtubers, Wodemaya, who through his Africa to the World project has showcased the richness of the continent in the most attractive manner.

8 thoughts on “Why Dukez Fashion Line?

  1. BrushupGh says:

    I can’t love this brand less …. wow …. quality is an understatement …. Dukesfashionline …. I love love love love love love love love your brand

  2. REBECCA _NGOZI says:

    It’s the flair for me💫
    This is spectacular, a very great brand indeed!
    Love from your Gambian girl ODICO! (NANA _KUSI)

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