There is no better season to step all out in your best than in the bright summer. The heat may be quite unbearable but the freedom to be lively and wear out your best and most favourite clothes is undeniable. However, the big question remains whether summer should be considered a season in this part of the world. in my opinion, as the months of summer are times of swirling heat here in Ghana, what is the difference, anyway? So, with the rains on hold and the sun almost baking us, we may as well be a bit international about this, and touch on our sense of fashion with some style and sass.

Dressing in the summer must be something very simple. Many would prefer a less formal, casual and trendy looks that make them look more youthful. The usual trend of costuming people put together for this specific season all aiming at making them feel as comfortable as possible and to fit the season as well as they can. However, one needs to be sure on these choices. This is based on reality that people are engaging in more outings, at the beaches, pool sides, pubs, and other social gatherings. And generally, people make these choices from the prettiest of style they may have seen on social media as trending, especially on Instagram, from celebrities and fashion icons.

Also, choice of clothing in the season also depends on issues of body type, and the general state of one’s body. The tradition of preparing for the hit ‘summer body’ has really flooded our spaces through social media. Ladies would love to be in shape for the summer, with their dream flat tummy and cinched waists and the dudes would be working on the best of packs for the poolside. But I guess this should not stop anyone from presenting themselves in the best fashion and responding to the trends of the season. One must not feel intimidated or feel bad over their bodies because of fear of being shamed. Summer body or nay, the summer clothes must be slayed.

As the summer season approaches, people are already giving hints on what would be trendy in the season. For starters, shorts – for guys – has already become a trend heading into the season. Either with simple slippers, or with sneakers, the guys are going all in for looking and feeling comfortable. What is more interesting is that the length of these shorts and its size are less than previous seasons. Shorter and cuter shorts seem to be working out, with bolder and brighter colours to flaunt. Traditionally, shorts are more of indoor wears but 2021 seems to be changing stuff. Throwing in an African vibe with these short, however, is key for us here at DukezFashion. Beyond that these casual tops that go with these must embody some African flavour, just to establish a different style that stands out.

The ladies are also already loud on crop tops, colourful and brighter than usual. Crop tops have not been super popular over the past years. This may have been due to a lot of socio-cultural factors about showing skin in public. But for this summer, it is a big pick for DukezFashion and in grand style because many women are finding confidence in their bodies and needing to feel free. Also, oversized shirts over shorts, midi skirts and breezy maxi dresses are very distinctive choices for ladies. The choice of these are also being defined in an African way to bring a refreshing look to anyone who wears them.

DukezFashion has in store the following collection for the season:


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