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After close to three years as a fashion start up, Dukez Fashion Line has completed a major rebranding procedure that seeks to bring up the erstwhile start up to the forefront as a major fashion brand from Ghana. The rebranding was prompted by the changes in business and brand identity trends across the globe. Chief executive officer of Dukez Fashion Line believes that to be able to grow steadily, there is the need for brands to adapt to these global changes to grow and advance.

The CEO reminisces on the journey so far and opines: “Sincerely, I did not see the brand growing this fast and great. I could remember how our Wodemaya jackets won the admiration of many and that was a genuine breakthrough. Till now, we have been up and doing the best we can to represent Ghana and Africa in our clothing and I believe that this rebranding is a step to project us even more.”

The rebranding is centred around the alluring new logo for the Dukez Fashion Line brand, which tows the line of simplicity yet very attractive. The new logo come in varying colour schemes which makes the brand name DUKEZ stand out.

The rebranding process is also sealed by a new and engaging website for the Dukez Fashion Line brand. The website is a comprehensive one which allows customers to not only shop but read key information and news on fashion trends and tips. Dukez Fashion Line believes that selling clothes without adding on to the knowledge of customers on clothing and fashion does not absolutely capture its vision as an organisation. Thus, with this new website, the customer is assured a holistic engagement which they would surely appreciate.

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